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covid policy

Now that we are back open, Please observe our Covid safe guidelines. 

Cannot wait to see you all back focusing on your Health & Fitness again.

Government reopening guidelines have a one size fits all approach, they have been developed to address large Gyms that would have 100 plus people on site at any one time, the mandated member restrictions are a maximum of 20 people in the Gym at any one time.

As you know we are a small “Members Only” Boutique style Gym, where we would never in normal circumstances have 20 people on site even through peak times, so we will be operating well under the Governments mandated limits.

Making the Gym safe for staff and Members – Our Covid Safe Plan

Our Fob Key entry system will ensure we can control and manage attendance numbers and record information for “Contract Tracing” if required.  We have CCTV that monitors everyone’s movements and actions while on site. We have ample hand sanitiser stations throughout the Gym, as well as Alcohol based spray bottles and paper towels for members to clean the equipment after each use and bins for ease of disposal.  Our rigorous professional cleaning will continue as always.

NOTE: Cleaning each item of equipment you use is Mandatary as well as bringing your own training towel.  Anyone breaching these simple rules will have their membership suspended for the safety of all members.

All memberships will be reactivated unless you are not ready to come back to the Gym, if you are not ready to return to the Gym please email us and we will maintain your suspension.

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